We print stickers by digital printing, with ability to play delicate hues, photographs and than desired, no size limits and minimum quantities. The wide range of solutions and special films available that you can always find a perfect solution to your needs. Prints can be made of PVC both white and transparent. Everything will then be protected by a transparent anti rolling wear and U.V.. We use bubble films free from car wrapping, with a special glue with air discharge. Thus there is no need to use water or other systems for positioning and you can easily handle even the application autonomy.


We have a wide range of special materials printing and intaglio, among which: glossy and matt colors, fluo, flocked, metallic and mirrored, catarifrangenti, and holographic glitter. Thanks adhesive printing can customize various surfaces. We also produce fact wall stickers, floor, shop window, magnetic stickers and much more. We realize then also adhesives in crystal, thick and resistant material, with a particularly tenacious glue, widely used for motor sports like karting and motocross, as well as for other uses that enhance the quality of this product.


In addition to printing is provided, on request, the application of specific media and on any object you want to customize. Through the use of our cards and our experience can be customized all surfaces and the different elements, thanks to a practical and fast method, and reversible without a trace. Each object can have new life. Even in environments furnishing level (furnishing, partition, etc. floors.) it is possible to decorate fully or partially the most different surfaces, thus renewing furniture and anonymous elements or ruined.

Pictographs BUSINESS

Letters, colors, images, overlapping of material, graphic printed or carved ... are just some of the possibilities that can be configured to convey the company's image in the windows with originality. An alternative is the adhesive that simulates the glass sandblasting, smart looking window sticker, especially useful to create a little 'privacy by allowing the light to enter the venue.


You can print full graphics for customizing cars, motion, bicycles and cars of the most different types, to make their own always distinguishable representation vehicles and thus contribute to the dissemination of his image. In addition to liveries whole we can also take care of printing single adhesive as a sponsor and advertising. Each design is designed and studied at the pc, showing a preview of the final result graph and agreeing with the customer every aspect of processing. It deals with both the application of the graphic directly on the vehicle (at our office or away) is the creation of adhesive kit to be able to deal directly with the application.


It offers the service or partially cover total vehicle, with the use of innovative and polished final effects specific films, dull, pearled, metalized, carbon etc..


It offers the service or partially cover the total of furniture.